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Someday the prince will stay at home

improvisation opera event on Machiavelli

was initiated by cellist Paul Stouthamer and realized as a collaboration of about 20 people working around the ADM in Amsterdam. There were music, puppets, dance and more..

sound recording of the last 50 min taking place in the loads friday may 1 2009. 57.1mb

collaboration with NOISE MAKER'S FIFES click


The Genetic Cabaret has been under development since 98. It started as loose acts and music and has evolved into to a longer performance for 8-10 performers including costumes and objects, dance, songs, music, sound and an interactive CD-rom.

Vilbjørg , Dead Fish Fuck ,Henriette v. Reesema, Paula Albuquerque, Yann Keller, Guy Amitay, Jochem Hartz, Gerard Riksen, Ema Nik, Rana


Mp3 excerpts
European Law excerpt mp3

Mice in my genes excerpt mp3



Laugh at him, that's what he is made for
he is made to be a joke
made to be a fool
the transgenic freak ha ha ha ha

We gave him the eyes of a mole
we gave him the legs of a cow
we gave him the mouth of a frog
and we gave him the spine of a dog
we gave him the brain of a worm
we gave him the skin of a hedgehog
we gave him the color of a carrot
we gave him the chest of a chicken
and we gave him the nose of a pig
of a pig ha ha ha
laugh at him ha ha ha

We gave him the dick of a horse
we gave him the ass of an ant
we gave him elephant ears
and we gave him human tears
laugh at him that's what he is made for
the transgenic fool, the transgenic freak
ha ha ha ha ha

We gave him the teeth of a rabbit
we gave him the voice of a lion
we gave him a bit of sheep's hair
and we gave him the claws of a sparrow
we gave him mosquito wings
we gave him hands that are rings
we gave him bendable bones
we gave him a stomach for money
and a depth for his fortune
- for his fortune to be born as a fool
to be born as a freak
laugh at him that's what he is made for
ha ha ha ha ha


EUGENIX aprox 1998-2006





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Concert and performance in Sportfondsenbad , de Baarsjes, Amsterdam. June 2005. With text from the Poetic Edda. With Dead Fish Fuck, Ema Nik, Jet v Reesema, Mikael v Driel, Vilbjørg,, Light and projection : 3rd Eye Level


photos: Robert Rizzo


 Maldoror live at MS Stubnitz 1997,
 thanx to Stubnitz for picture