above ^  NORNS  in scenery from the 000 event ADM june 2012
costumes made in collaboration with Irene Irantula, -- dancers:: Alba, Coco, Astarti, Anna, Jully, Laura, - photo:: Vladimr Miloradovic

below  - Cherups from Apokalypsis project

The first project on masks was the dvd 'Masker' Since I made many for a long list of productions. The process goes through molds in clay and then forming latex and tissue over the shape. Here is a 9 min video with masks recorded in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam september 2008. (high quality for web, it takes a while to download) The videoproduction is surely less than the first dvd but the physical work with the mask is more. .. Vilbjørg
The Empty Double or 2^3.. Mp4 75mb




A STEP BACK IN TIME: These Photographs are unmanipulated time exposures. Using a long exposure time (between 4 seconds and one minute) the moving body takes on new forms and the expresions of movement tranform the imagery, leaving the world of easily recognized forms behind the multiplicity and impossibility of deformed bodies invades the at once sublime and latently fearful nature. Familiar places take the shape of dreams only partially remembered, the traces of time left unchanging yet forever changed. It is with this hope that I leave these images here to be glaced upon and gazed into like a looking glass into another form of time.

B Zeatinck 2004


Hunter Dancer

DRAWINGS ink and pencil on paper, oil on wood... Vilbjørg





 octopiman Maldoror

hermaphrodite  Maldoror  

Maldoror King