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& the Sommerfool



CDR 2010,  No prints available, but can be made, price to be confirmed

Jacob Plooij - violin
Vilbjørg Broch - voice and interactive PD~ patches
and guest : Wen Chin FU - cello

texts from : F. Kafka - The Trial & J. Joyce - Finnegans Wake


1- Said K,, live at the iLLuseum , Amsterdam, march 10 2010 ,,,25min14,

2- PD-Strings, live at the iLLuseum , march 10 2010,,, 8min05 ,, with Wen Chin Fu , cello

3- Poetic Consequence,, 6min13, violin+overtones from december 2009

4- Eruberuption of the saint,,, 9min24, excerpt from project with text from James Joyce' Finnegans Wake, recorded 2008

5-My wnderful kingdom and its loops of loveliness, , Finnegans Wake, 200811min



CDRs, edition of 35 of each, april 2007.
Yann Keller: Selfmade instruments and electronics, double bass, pd~ (www.yannkeller.de), Dead Fish Fuck: Electronics and selfmade instruments, Vilbjørg Skrot: Vocals... The music for these cdr releases is recorded in respectively january and february 2007. This trio project is a live project in the direction Improvised Mind Core Ethnochotic Noize. We chose to keep the improvisations raw without post-processing.
The CD-covers are handprinted with woodcut-stamp.

The CDRs are available as a set or 1 by 1.

No prints available, but can be made, price to be confirmed


1... (6.34) mp3 6mb
2. my life as a mole (31.00)
3 terrrorrr
4.... (13.09)


1..... (13.41)
2. he lives in corridors (18.45) - mp3 17mb
3. aggregate collision
4.... (16.05)
5.... (11.38)


EUGENIX . CD, edition of 500, november 2006

Dead Fish Fuck, computer-processing and analog synths, and Vilbjørg Skrot, vocals. The CD-cover is a folded double sided A3 poster printed by the stencil-printer collective Knust in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
The texts for Eugenix are rooted in cutups taken from current scientific and commercial texts of genetics in combination with historical and newer ideas of eugenics.


track-list and excerpts:

1. Aryan Europe (4.26)
2. Big Brain IQ experts (13.01)
3. Big Brain IQQ (4.05) full track
4. Den Nordiske Race (11.29) full track
5. Mouse Model (5.10) full track
6. Transgenic report (9.33)

price: 12 euros


SONGS OF MALDOROR, Dead Fish Fuck and Hodja Hog

The songs are taken from the 19th century book of the same title, originally written in french by Comte de Lautreamont, and have been faithfully translated and rendered to song by Hodja Hog. While the unique character of the music contained herein is wrought from self-made wood and string instruments with a touch of fx and analog synthesizer by Dead Fish Fuck.

CD in gold-printed black cover with inner-sleeve, 20 page booklet with photos, drawings and text
to see examples of this artwork please look at the other pages of the this site: gallery
edition of 1000. Released june 2005.

track-list and excerpts:
I still exist
Sought a soul
Maldoror (live-recording) mp3-whole-track

price: 15 euro



RIDDDLES, Yann Keller and Vilbjørg Skrot

The first release on the label is a cd-r which consists of a selection of improvisations recorded in june 2004 by Yann Keller and Vilbjørg. Yann plays her selfmade electronics and metal bass, Vilbjørg sings vocal abstractions and text in form of a sort of riddles. Riddles which answers are none or more than one. The pieces transform through diverse dynanics: techno, noizy bits into jazzy,ethnic and close to classical tunes. The cover is a stencilprint by the stencil printer group in Nijmegen: Knust , edition of 150

sound excerpts

1 mp3 1.4 mb

2 mp3 1.2mb

3 mp3 1.2mb


price: 8 euros


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dance-video with soundtrack by DEAD FISH FUCK, 21 min, recorded in Amsterdam

DVD-R pal region 0 edition of 25

price 12 euro


video excerpt 7.4mb