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Walking the slackrope between the trees outside my trailer in the Amsterdamse Westport (ADM).. Beneath a somewhat random selection of recent and more historical documentation. Search the site's other pages for collective projects.

NOTE that many of the sound-files are compressed as .ogg. Certain browsers do not support this format. I recommend to get a browser which supports free software. Greetings. Vilbjørg

winter slack-rope

Projects on other pages:
Apokalypsis Theater- 'Beat the escatologists to the metaphoric punch'

Telluric Signals

Gracehoper and the Sommerfool micro tonal collaboration with violinist Jacob Plooij

Seven Sphere Journey

This project explores orbits and oscillations in 8 dimensions using the octonion algebra and its derivation algebra. Audio and video are created by projections to lower dimensions. It is suitable for a higher number of monitors. This project is primarily aimed at live performance, but for documentation purposes I have produced the following tracks mixed to stereo

Live performance at LAC may 2017, link to youtube

Seven_Sphere_Frog_Trance.ogg, computer

photo from the audio visual performance at xCoAx, Bergamo 2016. The piece shown at xCoAx included vocals, dance and text fragments from Plato's Timaeus.

Octonion orbits 2
Octonion orbits 1

Circular Wave

pdf on programming a circular wave using a rational parametrization of the unit circle
updated december 2015 CircularWave2.pdf

Hyperbolic Voyage

youtube playlist with elements from Universal Hyperbolic Geometry

best to watch in HD 720p

Some graphics exploring 3d rotation with quaternions

Python check rotatecheck.py
Animation code for Processing : QuaternionRotation1.pde

Quaternion Rotation 2
Quaternion Rotation 3
Quaternion Rotation1

Video on quaternion rotation

Quasicrystal SoundField 1

Quasicrystal Sound Field 1 is an interactive sound installation. The sound synthesis is based on the Quasicrystal Phasefunction first published in 2009.  Please refer to
The Quasicrystal Phasefunction offer a rather simple possibility to program these new patterns. Aperiodic order is a characteristic property for the structure of quasicrystals.

Audio excerpts: early excerpts from studio recordings QCtrio1.mp3

computer, violin-Jacob Plooij, sheetmetal -DFF, voice - Vilbjørg

here is a simple example of chuck code for the Quasicrystal phase function QCphF


the Quasicrystal Phasefunction f(z) -1 to 1 and -i to i,
10-fold rotational symmetry,
red is minimum (-10), blue 0 and green is maximum (10)

youtube clip with animation of the quasicrystal phase function
and a sound excerpt from early studio recording

number 7

Freely modified phase functions:
These pictures do no longer plot mathematical quasicrystals, but still there is both order and aperiodicity
Number 13
Number 7


Sporbits are based on bits of mathematics by NJ Wildberger, especially orbits of his Spread Polynomials

some documents are still being plagued by the rime minister on the pre-christmas security beach"

15354637.ogg  voice and chuck ,    truly microtonal

Jubileum.ogg  chuck

401.ogg    small orbits, spectral system based on the number 401

ChucK-code for a microtonal piece which can be running for at least a few years without repetitions, classical fm set in a rational-number realm MusicForComputer.ck.tar.gz

Recordings with DFF on metal sheets

update november 2013 - Steel sheet and voice :YellowLeaves.mp3

april 2013 - Brass sheet and Electronics : Magicicada.mp3
DFF on his rather new brass sheet, the interactive synthesizer units are build in Max, using fractal samples and a spectral 13 tone harmonic system.


The squirrel Canons:

The harmonic movement in these compositions is generated by traversing twigs and branches of the Stern-Brocot-tree via matrix multiplication.
((this matrix multiplication also allowed some paths between fractions which actually do not directly belong to the Stern-Brocot-tree ::  multiplying by the "wrong" inverse matrices allowed some circular movements and sort of labyrinths))
The over all form is somewhat fugue like, though microtonal indeed.  .. I did an mp3 compression of 320kbs to give space for the subtle dissonances.
play-back advice: low volume and quality amplification:




3 short compositions based on modular arithmetic with prime numbers     ====>      ChucK code

PrimeCircle -    quadratic residue

PrimePop -    cubic residue

PrimeOrder -   quadratic residue


based on samples generated from the mandelbrot-set algorithm - orbiting points close to the boundary + some spectral arithmetic.

the same piece with graphical animation of Julia sets and traces


aprox 1998-2006

This strategic report is engineering Technology potatoes

and is a part of a superior disorder process.
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering of potatoes.
transgenic potatoes were the factors in God's choice to create a mouse model of the disorder
This superior report is part of an Assessment process.
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering of potatoes
Superior genetic potential arising from transgenic potatoes was the factor in God's choice to complete deletion mutations.
This report is part of a potato process.
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering

 many faced pig