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Dead Fish Fuck Creator/performer of sound objects utilizing found materials and experimental playing techniques

Sheet Metal: Large plate of metal suspended in space and played by rubbing surface with wooden sticks of various sizes
Tree, Root 'guitar', Antlers: Three different instruments made from found wood and transformed with the addition of strings, metal and wooden sticks,springs and contact microphones. these are played primarily with bows
Intercoms: Utilizing old radio wave based intercoms or 'baby-phones' interference patterns and distortions are played through a complex mixture of fx pedals..........
Mekano: A primarily metal construction utilizing found materials and resembling a piece of futurist archetecture. This is also bowed and often small propeller fans are also adapted and used as sounding objects

DFF at Robodonien 2010

DFF Beijing

SOLO Sheet Metal recordings:

recorded with stereo mic set-up, no additional effects (except mp3 compression)

697110 - 9 min 26 sec - 7,9MB

slow and ... - 12 min 47 sec - 10,7MB

hornsong - 12 min 43 sec - 15.8MB

7-5-10 - 14 min 42 sec - 16.7MB

1933000 travelling - 4 min 32 sec - 3,8MB

DFF Beijing

messing plaat

update november 2013 - Steel sheet and voice : YellowLeaves.mp3 11min

april 2013 - Brass sheet and electronics : Magicicade.mp3 8 min


Root 'guitar'- primary instrument
used on MALDOROR



tinnitus dff

Antlers, Tree, and Sheet Metal on the set of 'Tinnitus'
short Tinnitus excerpt 5.8 mb

Sheet Metal collaborations: here are some full tracks

Live recording from concert at Ateliers MOMMEN on may 29 2009 in Brussels

Concert participants were deadfishfuck - sheet metal, Brocante Sonore: Jacques Foschia - waves and fog, Anthony Carcone - disturbed guitar and disruptions, Cyrille Flament - misappropriations, Bolle : minidisc & mix, Pierre Mansire - Action Lighting and Visual Improvisation
- 60MB

Voice and Metal impro with Vilbjørg Skrot, Marie-Noel , Yann Keller 2001 18 mb

Double Bass and Sheet Metal colaboration with Yann Keller 12 mb

Live recording of dead fish fuck and Krrrtek at illuseum 25 mb


Live Intercom Feedback im Vekk's(Wien) 2002
excerpt mp3 2.1 mb

full concert 52.5 mb

1 May 2003
full 34 minutes 39mb

looping impro August 2004




An early collaboration of Yann Keller & Dead Fish Fuck Self-made instruments and electronics 2000 excerpt 1 mp3 1.0 mb

Metalgard cd

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