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CD, edition of 500, november 2006
The CD-cover is a folded double sided A3 poster printed by the stencil-printer collective Knust in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
The texts for Eugenix are rooted in cutups taken from current scientific and commercial texts of genetics in combination with historical and newer ideas of eugenics

(these tracks are compressed as ogg vorbis, you will need a browser which supports this format)

Mouse Model

BigBrain Iq Iq Experts

Den Nordiske Race

Eugenix Cover

insect mouse man

When aryan europe
introduced porksubstitutes darkskinned subhuman potatoes
donor organs based on the inferior races
death camp dumpings
define intelligence
a similar gene mutation
testing future generations
caucasian superiority
size into mice
mouse model pestis
of gods choice
When aryan europe
weakness and inferiority
and dominant mutations
the objective selection of the mouse jew
ethnic cleansing programs for market hogs
sexually reproductive
aryan national destruction
the enhancement of
oral righteousness and genetic spurity
fetal pig skin cells into modified president organisms
subhuman error
scizophrenia genetically subordinate
mutations of human waste
weakness and inferiority

Transgenic consumers in China exploit selection potatoes

This strategic report is engineering Technology potatoes and is a part of a superior disorder process.
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering of potatoes.
transgenic potatoes were the factors in God's choice to create a mouse model of the disorder
This superior report is part of an Assessment process.
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering of potatoes
Superior genetic potential arising from transgenic potatoes was the factor in God's choice to complete deletion mutations.
This report is part of a potato process.
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering

europe mouse

Our enemy realizes that if the Caucasian race analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering of potatoes the specified number of predictor genes
is obtained. Dark skinned subhuman potatoes needed to create a mouse model of the disorder were the factors in God's choice to breed economically mportant traits into these consumers.
This attractive market report is part of a transgene process
It analyses the state of the art in genetic engineering of potatoes.

drosophila model

transgene death intelligence
explode automatically

remarkable premature death mice and National Power death 

Death by DNA.
In hermaphrodites, these cells die by programmed cell death.
In hermaphrodites

looking for the maintenance of neuronal cell deaths
cells that normally die, or for the death of cells that
normally live 

death that is useful to us in this lab

mediated death signal upsets the balance between cell death antagonists

All the transgenic IQ experts died within 8 weeks of age

Death will almost certainly be a golden age for eugenics

These animals had a high incidence of sudden death that correlated with transgene expression levels
The gap junction proteins in the transgenic hearts to breed stupid, sickly, and vicious dogs with junk DNA death sequences

transmit genes to induce death in the exploding Gene Selection
embryos of wild females fertilized by these males,
To slip the gene into the insect's genome, the team inserted it into a stretch
programmed death

model disease

many face

angel mouse model

mouse pups of the new era
tottering mice to use
single gene disorder
overexpression transgenic mice
embryo freeze
supply of disease
transgenic lines of
human morbidity
and death
to establish
disease in mice
breeding its own research
supply of disease human hereditary defects imperfecta
mouse model knockout mouse
an aggressive great promise

smash face

target delete

inducible human
gene promoter
renegade protein
mouse model mouse
model disease

target delete

mouse model knockout mouse
in a $
million Mouse House
model mouse
mouse model
we create the
lethal progression
knockout population

big brain

IQ IQ experts with proven genetic superiority
deliver prototypes to control mice
validates superior traits in
feathered Homo sapiens sapiens

Army Army Army IQQ
Army lab scientists have
evolved larger brains and greater intelligence
will produce the BioSteelR recombinant spider silk protein in their milk
Army lab scientists
want to insure that we evolve in a favorable direction

>How do you define intelligence
in a way that makes sense

milk model
Aryan Europe Pork

and future direction of human evolution
intelligence= (b-k)/B                         

This seed must be
produced so as to ensure ge-
netic purity and identity
which is the product of the human brain
with  fetal pig skin God himself, all the naked neck broiler angels, the transgenic goat sashes, etc, conforming remarkably well
to the structures of a human brain
carrying the genes for desirable IQ
average brain size and intelligence increased in Caucasoid
mice populations

unlike the purebred weakness
and inferiority intelligence
in a prison colony of human soybeans the genetically superior
IQ IQ IQ expert breeding program
and evolved western European          
Gene Selection
Mouse Facility

Genetically improved varieties of
Army Solider Biological Chemical mouse model Command
can increase the productivity and
the most discriminating genes
s IQ experts

could be engineered for Army
applications as diverse as lightweight armor
vehicles and =B3smart=B2
clothing for soldiers.
the victim in any complex
deterioration of function before
IQ mouse model experts
have mimicked this
there are difficult
technical questions here, but
the onset of neuronal loss and,
at least in Army models
showed the superiority of the
Aryan National IQ production herd

The Army should include the fetal pig skin IQ experts
The present genetic purity OF BIOLOGICAL DEVICES
genetically, modified abnormalities in neurotransmission
as the active medium in
microwave-absorbing paint for both tanks and planes
purebred Euro-mongrel rodents and non-human primates are
developing a recombinant version of human
naked neck broilers over the normal feathered
Homo sapiens sapiens evolved in Europe
by eliminating chunks of uninteresting genes

by eliminating chunks of uninteresting genes
purebred Euro-mongrel rodents and non-human primates
without known trace of Asian or Jewish ancestry
have demonstrated
High intelligence IQ expert mice
who could be exposed to nerve agents

modern enlightened indicators of gene importance
Tested IQ expert releases
of Kamikaze crops have mimicked neurodegenerative superiority
human factor IX containing point mutation

deliver purebred animal models without known trace of Euro-mongrel Army lab scientists
on the battlefield of genetic superiority

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