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Vilbjørg Broch, voice and interactive computer music,
Jacob Plooij, Violin  http://www.jacobplooij.com/
+ occasional guest performers .

Pure Data, Voice, Violin,
Harmony/ Microtonal/ Spectral
text: Kafka - James Joyce

About the Performers

Jacob Plooij
Violinist, improvisor, composer, specialized in music post 1980. Not afraid of microtones or new inventive harmonic and rhythmic structures. Well versed in electronic sound worlds and and free improvised structures: Electra String Quartet (aus), Zephyr Kwartet(nl) DNK, 3 journeys for violin and electronics, 5de snaar project, kraakgeluiden. Spectral music from Horatiu Radulescu.

Vilbjørg Broch
Is a singer, soprano, dancer and computer-musician. Worked with amongst others, Noise Maker's Fifes (B), Anti-Delusion Mechanism (NL), Yann Keller (D) .. Out of many important influences I would like to mention my dear teachers : Katie Duck, improvisation at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam;; Marianne Blok, coloratura soprano;; Enrique Pardo (Roy Hart Theatre and Pantheatre) text and theatre.



1- Said K,, live at the iLLuseum , Amsterdam, march 10 2010 ,,,25min14,

2- PD-Strings, live at the iLLuseum , march 10 2010,,, 8min05 ,, with Wen Chin Fu , cello

3- Poetic Consequence,, 6min13, violin+overtones from december 2009

4- Eruberuption of the saint,,, 9min24, excerpt from project with text from James Joyce' Finnegans Wake, recorded 2008

5-My wnderful kingdom and its loops of loveliness, , Finnegans Wake, 200811min


About the texts

F. Kafka - The Trial:::::
Kafka did not value his own work much at all, though after close to 100 years the text of 'The Trial' shines extraordinary brightly with its clarity and humor. Fearlessly Kafka entered the mythological and psychic world of the bureaucracy and its covert power structures. --- The entire text forms a basis for the musical performance of this project. For each specific piece a certain theme within this whole is brought to the front.

J. Joyce - Finnegans Wake
Like the dream, transcending all languages and the realms of death and of life. Through the last 2 decades of his existence James Joyce brought forth this stream of consciousness which became his great work Finnegans Wake. The text surpasses time, place and singular meaning. With all respect for the extensive wholeness of the work, the text offers an inexhaustible source of pieces for musical performance. Joyce traversed the comical depth of the many worlds by interlacing sound and significance.

  About the computer music:::
The sound elements of the performance consist of the acoustic inputs from violin and voice and the computer generated sound which is controlled by sound-interactive patches build in the programming environment PureData. Tonal structures are formed by algebraic algorithms. Some of these structures are inspired by the nature of the overtone-series. Others are abstract constructs inspired by the equal tempered tuning, as being the 12th roots of 2, but taking this idea manyfold into the micro-tonal realm. Also rhythmical and dynamic information from the acoustic inputs is being recorded and processed. The patches are endlessly variable within these systems due to build-in random flexibility, hence a non-predictable response though within the chosen harmonic system. Composed into the performance is in the beginning an initiating 'seeding' of the psuedo-random series through the dynamics of the first acoustic piece, this ritual will determine the computers response for the rest, though the possibilities are far too great to be grasped with the rational human mind. Also -lets say- a mystical - experience of the properties and qualities of numbers has an impact when choosing numerical inputs for the algorithms.
Technical Information
the project is aimed at smaller to medium spaces; for an audience of 20 to 400
the audience must preferably have the possibillity to sit down
- sound: 2 lines to well-defined power-amplification (in case this is not available we are able to bring our own PA)
- light: 3-5 lamps for the smaller spaces will be sufficient
please contact us with any questions